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Beautifully Designed Ecommerce Stores to Inspire Your Valentine’s Day

1. Bluebella

When you first enter Bluebella’s website, you come across a large carousel featuring various images of the lingerie merchant’s products. Each image displayed is customized to Valentine’s Day — either promoting a Valentine’s Day collection, an all-red collection, or Valentine’s-themed blog content they’ve released.

ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Bluebella sliding banner

2. Doritos Ketchup Roses

Shopify Plus Expert SOVI Creative created an ecommerce website specifically for this clever Doritos Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, which creatively uses the brand’s signature product to promote the holiday.

The site is designed with an emphasis on simple imagery and uses minimal text. The website catches the user’s attention with bright colors and unique visuals, and holds attention by making the site easily readable, with short and concise messaging. They even provide a video on how to make Doritos Ketchup Roses if you’re unable to order them. Simple, user-friendly, and fun!

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Doritos homepage 8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Doritos how it works

3. Oat & Mill

This vegan ice cream shop has my mouth watering every time I visit. A straightforward way to tie-in the day of love online, Oat & Mill features some special Valentine’s Day flavors, including ‘Hearts on Fire’ and ‘Red Velvet Cheezecake Love.’ This shop even includes fun illustration, complete with hearts and smiles to signal holiday-specific products.

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Oat and mill flavoursValentine's Day: Mill & Oat

Similarly to Bellabeat, Oat & Mill also offers shoppers the option to send someone a Valentine’s gift-hint.

However, instead of sending a hint via email, Oat & Mill offers a set of Valentine’s Day emojis that shoppers can save and send via text or instant message. A fun design element that differentiates their brand well.

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Oat and mill emoji


STRIPPD was designed by Shopify Partner The Big Webowski, who received an honorable mention in last year’s Shopify Ecommerce Design Awards. The natural supplement site is beautifully executed and soothing to the eye, with its minimalist design, appealing product photos, and easy navigation.

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: strippd-product

Along with it’s clean design, STRIPPD is also a good example of a website that subtly highlights Valentine’s Day. As you can see below, STRIPPD uses a simple email subscription pop-up, complete with red accents and hearts, to signal the holiday. Just because it’s the holiday of pink and red, doesn’t mean websites have to go-big-or-go-home in order to weave in some of the love online.

5. Bespoke Verse

This poetry-themed ecommerce site uses simple design and color schemes to their advantage, as many of their products feature a lot of text.

Bespoke Verse targets the hopeless romantics among us, by offering shoppers a curated Valentine’s Day section. Grouping products into collections or sections can help organize your site, and makes the shopping experience easier for users, especially when they’re looking for something for that special someone.

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Bespoke verse

6. Woops!

To finish off this roundup of beautiful ecommerce stores with special Valentine’s Day design touches, we have Woops! — a specialty macaroon shop. Woops! is a great example of a store that has subtly customized their homepage to acknowledge that it’s Valentine’s Day.

8 ecommerce stores to inspire your valentines day: Woops homepage

They have a rotating banner with messaging tailored to the theme of love — not Valentine’s Day explicitly. They have also implemented a consistent color scheme throughout the homepage (including their product photography), using only hues of pink and chocolate.

Have you come across any stores with a Valentine’s themed website design? Let us know in the comments section below!

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