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7 of the Best Wishlist Shopify Apps

By February 25, 2017Shopify

If you want your store’s customers to be able to create wishlists of the products you sell, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify plugins allow your customers to make wishlists and gift registries, and they come with useful features like social sharing, easy customization, seamless integration, automated email notifications, and more.


wishlist shopify app

This Shopify app allows your store’s customers to add products to their wishlists which they can then add to their carts to purchase.  Plus, Wishlist will display the number of people who have added a particular item to their wishlists on, helping other shoppers see the popularity of certain products.

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Shopify Wishlist

shopify wishlist app

Shopify Wishlist enables your customers to create lists of their favorite products in your store which they can share with their family and friends via a link.  Plus, this Shopify app offers seamless integration, a CSV wishlist export feature, and more.

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wishlist1 shopify app

Wishlist, an app for Shopify, allows your customers to create wishlists, delete items, move/copy products to different wishlists, and add notes to items.  This Shopify app also includes customization options, so you can make your wishlist page match your store’s branding, and an optional redirect function after people add items to their wishlists.

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Wishlist + Reminder

wishlist + reminders shopify app

This wishlist Shopify app enables people to create wishlists of items in your store, but it will also send customizable follow up emails with promotions and reminders to users who add products to their wishlists but don’t purchase them.  Plus, Wishlist + Reminder comes with color and placement customization, easy setup, and more.

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Wishpot Button

wishpot wishlist shopify app

This Shopify app allows you to integrate your ecommerce website with Wishpot, a universal wishlist that allows users to add products from any online store.  Wishpot Button will display an add to wishlist button on your store’s product pages, and it enables your customers to share their desired items on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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Shopcade Want

shopcade want wishlist shopify app

Shopcade Want is a Shopify app designed to help your customers add your store’s products to their Shopcade wishlists and share them with the Shopcade community.  Plus, this Shopify app allows you to target customers who have added specific items to their wishlists with special offers, and it will even notify users when a particular product goes on sale.

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Gift Reggie

gift reggie wishlist shopify app

This Shopify app is a white label wishlist and gift registry solution that enables your store’s customers to create lists of their desired products.  Gift Reggie includes social sharing, support for exporting and importing data, customizable automated email notifications, automatic updates, seamless integration, user-friendly front and backend dashboards, and more.

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